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Private Coaching for Young People


'Charlie is an enthusiastic and charismatic teacher. He is passionate about what he does and this rubs off on the children. He has a great personality and a lovely smile! My children are aged three and six and they adore Charlie! He understands children. He has a vast range of experience in teaching children at different developmental stages, so he knows just how to communicate with them. He manages to engage them, and sustains their interest week after week, as they are always learning something new. His lessons are well planned and Charlie draws on his theoretical knowledge of drama, together with his practical experiences of performing and directing, to offer the children the best possible learning experience. Above all, Charlie is a kind and gentle person, and I feel confident in entrusting him with my young children.' GEORGINA HOY, M.A. 

What can I offer?
Vocal Training:
From increasing the strength and tone of voice through to specific accent coaching.
Character Work:
Every professional actor has their own way of creating character. My own methods are borrowed from many of the great practitioners, such as Stanislavsky and Brecht and are applicable to higher level academic work as they are very much part of the curriculum, whilst also serving as useful tools in a practical sense.
Exam Preparation:
Practical acting exam coaching, such as for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams is available. These exams are the benchmark for young performers, allowing you to gain accredited qualifications that add value to school and university applications, especially as the latter levels accrue UCAS points. Of the hundreds of students I have entered for these exams, all have passed.
CV & Agent applications:
Lots of families are keen to get their loved ones signed up with agents and therefore into the professional acting sphere. I cannot guarantee fame or fortune, however, I can coach individuals in how to write a performers CV and how to find and contact agents.
Audition Technique:

Auditions are the bread & butter of a performers existence. You must be prepared to try and try again when it comes to auditioning. There are many ways of improving confidence and assurance in auditions, as well as methods of building rapport and impressing the casting teams. Practice makes perfect with this and rehearsing for auditions keeps you one step ahead of those who don’t. A portion of all my sessions as devoted to audition technique.

Where does all this happen?
I can be flexible, provided the environment is light and one can move a little around the space, then many places are fine. As such, I often visit people’s homes or schools on occasion, whatever suits. I also have access to studio space in The Arts Complex at St.Margarets House on London Road, Edinburgh.
During term time, it does tend to be evenings and weekends. Outside the academic term structure there is more flexibility. What will it cost? My fees for private coaching are specific to the skills and competencies to be covered, please contact me for further information.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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