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Drama is a versatile tool and can be effective in a plethora of different environments. My objective has always been to use drama both to entertain and to educate, taking the skills and attributes I have acquired through more than 25 years as a professional performer and using them to help develop others. In recent years I have travelled extensively across the globe, as an actor, as a drama consultant and as a performance coach for adults and young people. I feel hugely privileged to have a vocation that has afforded me such opportunities. This website has been designed so that you can explore the different services I offer and to give you a means by which you can contact me, should you wish to make any further enquiries.

Character Acting

The responsibility of the actor is to be part of the story and to inhabit the role.

Building Theatrical Communities

Helping people to realise their potential for more than a decade.

Industry Links

My acting profile is available to view on Spotlight,  page: 3814-9057-4094).


Bringing industry experience into the studio for the next generation.

Corporate Drama

Drama is used globally and adds value to training and development.

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