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Charles Hindley tells the true story of a Norfolk boy and another from Mississippi who faced life’s challenges and never lost their faith in love. Two great men whose lives were so different and yet so incredibly similar. Elvis Presley meant everything to Eugene, like a brother, though they never met.

Eugene & Elvis runs as part of the PBH Free Fringe from 6-27 August 2016 (excluding Wednesdays) at Venue 444 (Silk Middle) 14.35 - 15.30

Men with Coconuts Return to the Edinburgh Festival and perform regularly in Edinburgh throughout the year!

Men with Coconuts are also available for corporate gigs, so check out their website for more info...




Scratch The Surface continue to produce 'theatre that takes you deeper' and Rose is no exception. This production is set to be performed at venue 444, Silk, at 17:55 throughout the Edinburgh Fringe of 2016. 

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